About Us

How We Came To Be

Calgary Pick-up Lacrosse League (CPLL) formed back in 2016. CPLL started out as a few friends that got together to toss the ball around. There weren’t any goalies or nets when we first started playing. We put our heads together and came up with the idea to make a Kijiji ad. Emails were received and the first game was organized. Money was pooled together to purchase a set of very old used goalie equipment. The first game was played at an outdoor hockey rink in late March of 2016 in Calgary. After a very successful turnout, we contacted local businesses to help get donations as the league needed help. Pete the Plumber and Chex Sports both helped by each donating a brand-new lacrosse net. This formed CPLL. 

Who We Are

CPLL is a non-commitment Lacrosse league that allows anyone regardless of skill and gender to come out and play. Weekday evening games however require you to be 18+. CPLL is currently active in weekday games, Saturday free games and expanding to compete in Field Lacrosse as well as Tournaments. 

Our Mission

CPLL’s mission is to give back. Any profits that are made go back into the community either through assistance, events or sponsorship. From sponsoring kids, helping restore the Temple Outdoor Rink to hosting free events, CPLL is always there to help the community. We also accept donations and buy for those whom are without the means or have never played, so they have the opportunity to play. Each person who joins to play is a huge victory in the growth of Lacrosse.